Egy mindenkiért / One for All

Hungarian Japanese and English subtitles

Director: Muhi András Pires / 2021 / Hungary / 80 minutes【Blu-ray】





One for all is a documentary  about the Hungarian sabre fencer Áron Szilágyi, who made history in Tokyo 2020 winning his third Olympic gold in a row.  Director András Pires Muhi followed Áron and the Hungarian sword team for more than 100 shooting days during 5 years, he shot nearly 600 hours of raw material.

The film presents the complex personality behind the five-ring success story. The viewer can understand why someone becomes one of the millions, what are the factors that fly them to the top of the world.  We follow him as he gets married, as he submits his diploma. He wins, loses, suffers, and then overcomes himself again and again. We see how his wife, Betti, consoles him after a shocking defeat, and also when he is obliviously tossed on the field by his teammates after a heroically won gold medal.