M.C. Escher - Het oneindige zoeken / M.C. Escher - Journey to Infinity

documentary (people)

Dutch, English Japanese subtitles English subtitles

Director: Robin Lutz / 2018 / Netherlands / 80 minutes【BD】

Tokyo 6/2(Sun)16:00 Guest Talk
6/4(Tue)15:00 Guest Talk
Kyoto 6/21(Fri)13:30
Hiroshima 7/3(Wed)14:00
Fukuoka 7/28(Sun)14:00

The film tells the story of the world’s famous graphical artist M.C. Escher (1898-1972) in his own words as he wrote in his diaries and letters. Who was this man who was so passionate, making the  impossible optical illusions and eye catching metamorphoses?
Together with Escher we will go on a trip through his live. We will follow him, searching for inspiration, through Italy, Switzerland and Spain. We will experience how he found his way to his great works. He will tell us about his fears, doubts, success and will give his vision on his own works.