Jan Palach

historical drama based on real people

Czech, Russian Japanese subtitles English subtitles

Director: Robert Sedláček / 2018 / Czech-Republic / 124 minutes【BD】

Tokyo 6/1(Sat)14:00 Guest Talk
6/6(Thu)15:00 Guest Talk
Kyoto 6/7(Fri)13:30
Hiroshima 7/3(Wed)18:00
Fukuoka 7/18(Thu)14:00

Jan Palach is the student who burned himself in 1969 to protest against the Soviet invasion to Czechoslovakia. An uncompromising young man who brought the ultimate sacrifice in a hope to rouse the nation from lethargy. His name is known to everyone in Czech Republic. The film shows the last months of Palach's life, his path from an affectionate son, a devoted friend, a sensitive and thoughtful philosophy student to the ''Torch Number One''. Two other deaths by self-immolation followed in the occupied Czechoslovakia but the communist regime helped by Soviet tanks regained full control over its citizens for 20 more years.

Special programme

Lecture 'The inheritance of Jan Palach: From Prague Spring to the Velvet Revolution' June 6th, 16:45

Jan Palach ( 1948-1969) was a student and political protester against the occupation of Czechoslovakia, who committed self-immolation as a protest against the end of the Prague Spring. This marking event will be discussed by Prod. Atsushi Sugawara (???), from Tokyo University of Foreign Languages, and Robert Sedláček, director of this year's Film Days Czech movie Jan Palach.