Petit Paysan / Bloody Milk

family drama human drama award-winning

French Japanese subtitles

Director: Hubert Charuel / 2017 / France / 90 minutes【DCP(BD in Hiroshima)】

Tokyo 6/9 (Sunday) 12:30
6/25 (Tuesday) 19:00
Kyoto 6/13(Thursday)13:30
Hiroshima 7/12(Friday)18:30
Fukuoka 7/25(Thursday)14:00

Pierre, thirty-something, is a dairy farmer. His life revolves around his farm, his veterinarian sister, and his parents, whose farm he has taken over. Just as the first indications of an epidemic are announced in France, Pierre discovers that one of his cows is infected. He refuses the idea of losing his cows. They are all he has, and he will fight to the bitter end to save them.