Безкрайната градина / The Infinite Garden

love story magic realism family drama human drama

Bulgarian Japanese subtitles English subtitles

Director: Galin Stoev / 2017 / Bulgaria / 90 minutes【BD】

Tokyo 6/7(Friday)19:00
Kyoto 6/20(Thursday)18:30
Hiroshima 7/12(Friday)14:00
Fukuoka 7/24(Wednesday)14:00

This dreamlike romantic drama revolves around Philip, who 'has it all' : a successful career and a beautiful girlfriend. However, he is still taking care of Victor, his sensitive brother, years after the death of their parents.
Emma is slightly autistic, fallen out of time. At night, she creates a model of a mystical garden, in the back of her flower shop, where Victor works.
Emma lives in spheres completely beyond Philip's reach. Through her garden, Philip realizes that he never felt so real until he met this otherworldy girl he's falling in love with. His life is transforming until Victor confesses that he, toot, is in love with Emma. Torn between the love for his brother and for Emma, Philip feels the pain of loss for the first time.