Superjhemp Retörns / Superchamp Returns

comedy family drama

Luxembourgish Japanese subtitles English subtitles

Director: Félix Koch / 2018 / Luxembourg, Belgium / 103 minutes【BD】

Tokyo 6/19 Wednesday)19:00
Kyoto 6/9(Sunday)13:30
Hiroshima 7/7(Sunday)10:30
Fukuoka 7/19(Friday)14:00

In order to save the ''small'' Luxembourg from a cosmic catastrophe, an official in his fifties and in the midst of a crisis must recover his lost super powers and face his greater fear : his family!
Based on the comic book series "De Superjhemp" by Lucien Czuga and Roger Leiner. The series sold more than 185, 000 copies and is the most successful creation in Luxembourgish literature to date.