Bedre / The Pit

Latvian Japanese and English subtitles

Director: Dace Pūce / 2020 / Latvia, Finland / 107 minutes【DCP】




Markuss must adapt to a new life living with his granny in the countryside. After Emīlija – a neighbour’s daughter – throws some contemptuous remarks about the boy’s father, Markuss decides to teach her a cruel lesson thereby condemning himself in the eyes of the surrounding folk.

The only person the boy can relate to is an old sailor living in the nearby woods. They inspire one another and keep each other’s secrets. It is only through an accidental turn of events that the boy’s reputation in the eyes of the inhabitants of the village radically change.

This is based on short stories by the Latvian writer Jana Egle. Through telling the story of a 10-year-old boy Markuss, the film touches upon issues of children growing up without parents, of emotional violence, and struggles of childhood in a remote countryside.