Снимка с Юки / A Picture with Yuki

English, Bulgarian Japanese subtitles

Director: Lachezar Avramov / 2019 / Bulgaria, Japan / 110 minutes【DCP】

※ Online streaming of this film has been cancelled



A Bulgarian Man (Georgi) and a Japanese woman (Yuki) , who got together during their immigrant life in Canada are trying to overcome the emptiness and the increasing alienation between them by trying to have a child. Their only chance is to undertake in-vitro procedure. Despite a few unsuccessful attempts and limited finances, they decide to travel to Bulgaria, where the procedure is more accessible. While waiting for the first set of medical examinations, a tragic accident occurs - while driving in the countryside they hit a child, which subsequently dies. Their life will never be the same again and the gap in their relations threatens to turn into an abyss. This time Georgi and Yuki have to find the answers to questions that they have been avoiding for a long time: are they together because they are driven by love, or by loneliness and do they really want to have a child? Do they have the right to create human life, after they have taken one? The criminal investigation, the increasing feeling of guilt and the unexpected friendship with the parents of the dead child will result in a dramatic physiological denouement.