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Hochwald / Why Not You

German, Italian

Director: Evi Romen / 2020 / Austria, Belgium / 108 minutes【BD】




ONLINE Friday 8 July - Sunday 31 July
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MARIO just loves to dance but to make a career of it is impossible. His friend Lenz who comes from the same village can look full of hope into a bright future as an actor – he is the son of an urban vintner while Mario lives with his mother above the village butcher’s shop, fights his addiction to drugs and, after breaking off an apprenticeship, keeps his head above the water with odd jobs.
During a stay in Rome where Lenz is about to embark on a scholarship for talented students, they become victims of a terrorist attack. Lenz dies. Mario survives uninjured. Reactions in the village after his return alone send Mario into a spin. He finds no support in the village structure, the Catholic church can provide no succour and it seems everyone, including Lenz’ parents, thinks that the wrong one has been taken.

On one of his wanderings Mario meets Nadim, who distributes Korans in the pedestrian zone. Unexpectedly Mario finds support with Nadim and his brothers, and receives help in overcoming his addiction.
Mario’s transformation into a Muslim is an affront to the whole village. But besides all sorrows, yet his heart beats for dancing.