Miracolul din Tekir

(English title: Miracle of Tekir)


Director: Ruxandra Zenide

Year of production: 2015

Length: 90 min.

Country of production: Romania, Switzerland

Language: Romanian (English & Japanese subtitles)

Genre: drama, mystery

Format: BD

Japanese subtitles produced with support from JTEKT Corporation  

  Japan Premier


28 MAY (Sun) 13:30
1 JUNE (Thu) 19:00


23 JUNE (Fri) 13:30
25 JUNE (Sun) 13:30

In the heart of the Danube Delta, superstition and religion are mixed together, like the earth and water that make up the mysterious mud from Tekir’s area.

(Tekirghiol is a real location on the shore of the Black Sea. It is known for its “miracle mud”, related to a legend which pretends that an old blind Turkish man, Tekir, recovered his sight and health when he fell in the lake of mud. Since then, tourists come every year to receive the benefits of the “miracle mud”.)

The film narrates, like a fable, the struggle of a young woman to protect the child she carries, who, she believes, is a miracle as an immaculate conception.

Mara (30 years) is regarded as a traditional healer in a fishing village in the Danube Delta, using a special mud to treat villagers. When Mara got pregnant and tells the villagers that this was due to properties of the mud and not a man, villagers accused her of witchcraft and drives her away. Hiding her pregnacy, she manages to find a job in a hotel near Lake Tekirghiol, which serves as a clinic and spa for wealthy people. Here she meets Lili, one of the hotel guests, a rich woman who is trying to find a solution for her infertility problem. Gradually, her past emerges and Mara and her unborn baby are in danger.


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