The Symmetry of the Butterfly

(Original language title: D’Symmetrie vum Päiperlek)


Director: Paul Scheuer & Maisy Hausemer

Year of production: 2012

Length: 93 min.

Country of production: Luxembourg

Language: Luxembourgish, French, English (Japanese subtitles)

Genre: comedy

Format: DCP

  Japan Premier


6 JUNE (Sat) 17:00
12 JUNE (Fri) 19:00


3 JULY (Fri) 18:30

The Syldavian world chess champion Gregori Sczyrkutah, known for his misogyny, is defeated by the young Luxembourgish chess player Sophie Latour, and withdraws from public life in bitterness and anger.


Max von Allmen, computer scientist at QUATEL CORP. Pfäffikon Switzerland, has developed a high-performance chess software. He suggests to Gregori to take his revenge against Sophie with the assistance of QUATEL’s revolutionary quantum computer.


While programming his software with Gregori’s help in order to checkmate Sophie, Max falls in love with her…


This is the story Roger, a Luxembourgish writer, invents while being confined after an accident for a longer stay at the Golden Age (a combination between residential home and Rehab Centre for temporarily disabled people). The characters of his fiction are borrowed from his surroundings, but he transforms and remodels them as it suits him. The butterflies of his imagination provide colourful variations on the black-and-white chessboard of everyday life.


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