Stolen Slovene Children

(Original language title: Banditenkinder – Slovenskemu narodu ukradeni otroci)

eu_filmdays_flags_SLOVENIA SLOVENIA

Director: Maja Weiss

Year of production: 2014

Length: 95 min.

Country of production: Slovenia

Language: Slovenian (English subtitles)

Genre: documentary

Format: Blu-Ray

 Japan Premier


10 JUNE (Wed) 19:00
12 JUNE (Fri) 15:00


8 JULY (Wed) 18:30

The feature documentary “Banditenkinder – stolen Slovene children” by screenwriter and director Maja Weiss, tells the story of the bitter and painful fate of the stolen Slovene children during World War II and after. It deals with the collective story as well as with concrete experience of individuals. A trip down memory lane in this drama and road film-esque documentary is conducted by Prof. Dr. Janez Žmavc, president of the Society of surviving stolen children. Together with him and a few stolen children, men and women, we visit the sites of their childhood during the war, without their parents. From the assembly and distribution centre at Celje, Slovenia, over the transitional Frohneleiten concentration camp at Austria, to the German concentration camps Eisenstein (today Železná Ruda in the Czech Republic), Saldenburg, Neustift, Himmelberg, Seligenporten, Mainburg, Kast in Bavaria as Sachsen. The stories of the stolen children also lead us to Neumarkt, Nürnberg and the infamous Auschwitz, the location of the deaths of their mothers. As well as in Celje, several other scenes were also filmed in Slovenia, on the native ground where the survivors feel a special connection as a result of their personal and family tragedies.


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