Passion + Arena (Short Film)

(Original langauge title: Paixão + Arena)

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Director: Margarida Gil

Year of production: 2010

Length: 75 min.

Country of production: Portugal

Language: Portugese (Japanese subtitles)

Genre: drama

Format: Blu-Ray

Arena (Short film)

Director: João Salaviza

Year of production: 2009

Length: 15 min.

Country of production: Portugal

Language: Portugese (Japanese subtitles)

Genre: drama

Format: Blu-Ray


11 JUNE (Thu) 15:00
20 JUNE (Sat) 14:00


Paixão is a journey to the true depths of desire and of human interaction. João Lucas is an author that spends a bohemian night on the town and meets a singer named Maria. He accompanies her home, but when he awakens the next morning, he is surprised and angered to find that he is locked inside the room. Maria is lost in her own pain – she has recently suffered something terrible: her husband committed suicide after killing their young daughter. She hopes to love João Lucas, by kidnapping him and imprisoning him in an abandoned building that is about to be demolished. Maria dedicates herself completely to his wellbeing.


They become lovers and play out a pseudo wedding, but then João Lucas takes advantage of the sudden intimacy with Maria and decides to escape, locking her in the room. He tries to leave the building, but is unable to do so, he feels lost. They have enclosed themselves inside. There is nothing left for these lovers. Life goes on. And the building is demolished in a great cloud of dust and rubble.


Mauro is under house arrest. Tattooing helps him while away the time.
Three local kids taunt him through his window. Outside, the midday sun beats down.

 Short Film Palme d’Or at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival


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